OM System Camera Suggests Departure from Redundancy

OM System Camera Suggests Departure from Redundancy

OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) is the new corporation created to take over the product line and branding of what has been known for decades as Olympus Imaging. The new corporate name, a combination of "Olympus" and "Maitani" - last name of long-time camera designer Yoshihisa Maitani - is already familiar as the leader to the company's popular line of OM-D mirrorless cameras. The new OM Digital Solutions website primarily offers some pretty photos and advertising content culminating with a link back to the same old Olympus product site.

Most recently, OMDS has released a teaser image and product announcement countdown suggesting the pending release of a new OM-D camera. The new camera shadowed in the foreground of the teaser image looks like it may fall somewhere between the E-M1 Mark III and the E-M1X cameras.

No suggestion has been made about a possible replacement for the wildly popular Tough TG-6 camera, though prior release history suggests that a minor update may be coming sometime in 2022.

The product announcement will take place live on the OMDS YouTube Channel on February 15, 2022 at 1am EST. 


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