Olympus Update: Brand Name and Existing Models to Continue

Olympus Update: Brand Name and Existing Models to Continue

July 15, 2020

In an interview with Digital Photography Review, Olympus VP of Global Strategy Setsuya Kataoka shed some light on Olympus' direction as they move to sell their imaging division later this year.

Olympus currently manufactures some of the best cameras for underwater use, particularly the Tough TG-6 waterproof compact. In good news for Olympus fans, Setsuya expects that the transition will have a positive effect on their imaging business and that production of existing models will continue. 

"I don’t expect that anything will happen that will not be good for our users. In all of our conversations about the transfer, ‘user first’ has been the bottom line." - Setsuya Kataoka, Olympus VP of Global Strategy

Setsuya foresees increased focus on the high-end market including micro four-thirds cameras and lenses. OM-D, PEN, and Zuiko series products are expected to continue to evolve.

Setsuya ended the interview by thanking Olympus customers and promising continuation of the release of new products through 2020 and beyond.

"We believe that our OM-D lineup offers unique benefits that other camera manufacturers cannot. Not only the compactness and light weight of the system, but many technologies that competitors cannot match, such as high-resolution lenses, strong stabilization and outstanding dust-proofing and weather-sealing." - Setsuya Kataoka, Olympus VP of Global Strategy

Olympus recently released a lens roadmap with several interesting new offerings on the way, including an ED 8-25mm f/4.0 PRO model which may turn out to be an excellent choice for underwater shooting.

The sales agreement is expected to be in place by September with a new company formed to take over the imaging division as early as January 2021.


Olympus Lens Roadmap Copyright Olympus

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