DPG Virtual Product Showcase 2021 | Ikelite [VIDEO]

DPG Virtual Product Showcase 2021 | Ikelite [VIDEO]

John Brigham, Vice President and head of product development at Ikelite shows you all of the latest products and discusses what's in store for you in 2022.




John Brigham Ikelite Vice PresidentJohn Brigham is the Vice President & head of product development at Ikelite. He was born with a flair for design and an entrepreneurial spirit as son of Ikelite founder Ike Brigham. He worked his way up in the business and is a natural fit in the R&D side of things. John dives the equipment as much as possible to test product and put himself in the "fins" of the user. You may also find him on the other end of an email or phone call when you reach out for product advice and support. When he's not underwater he's flying drones, setting off rockets, training his German Shepherd "T2", and spending time with his family.


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