Featured Customers | Tomas Koeck Keepers of the Blue [VIDEO]

Featured Customers | Tomas Koeck Keepers of the Blue [VIDEO]

"Keepers of the Blue is a documentary examining several different oceanic environments as well as those that work to protect them. From the mighty great white shark to the humble reef fish, the ocean is teaming with life both big and small, fearsome and meek. Keepers of the Blue is a collaborative effort between several different organizations such as Canon USA, Tamron Optics, and Sacred Heart University, who all contributed to the completion of this film."
- Tomas Koeck via YouTube


A Film by Tomas Koeck

Get the Gear: Canon EOS R5 inside an Ikelite Underwater Housing, Tamron 35mm F/1.4 inside an Ikelite 8" Dome Port

Photo Gallery

great white shark female by tomas koeck using an ikelite underwater housing

A large female white shark makes a passby, much to the excitement of myself and the film crew. © Tomas Koeck


perspective great white shark with small fish by tomas koeck using an ikelite underwater housing

A trick in perspective helps sell the appearance that this tiny little fish is facing off with one of the white sharks, an attribute which made this image one of my favorites from the trip. © Tomas Koeck


great white shark with fish by tomas koeck using an ikelite underwater housing

How many sharks can you spot in this image? The one closest to the lens was nicknamed "Andy" and was identifiable by the scar found on his head, startlingly close to his eye. White sharks accumulate many scars throughout their lifetime through a mix of territorial disputes and even mating. © Tomas Koeck


great white shark with light rays by tomas koeck using an ikelite underwater housing

Photographed approximately thirty feet or so below the surface, this beautiful female white shark was complimented by the majestic sun rays that came through the ocean's surface. It is interesting to note the fishing line that is still caught in her maw. © Tomas Koeck


great white shark named andy by tomas koeck using an ikelite underwater housing

The white shark nicknamed "Andy" was largely complimented by the schools of fish which allowed for many photo opportunities. The scars on these whites are used by scientists to help identify individuals, estimate age, track migration, and many other important research topics. © Tomas Koeck


camouflage great white shark by tomas koeck using an ikelite underwater housing

Part of what makes white sharks so fun to observe is their use of camouflage. Only when they get close can you truly see the color differences when you compare the underbelly and top of the shark. There were many instances when the white sharks would disappear as soon as they would appear (and vice versa). © Tomas Koeck


tomas koeck headshot image for ikelite underwater systems

 Tomas Koeck is an award-winning filmmaker, Canon USA-backed photographer, board member for the Connecticut Audubon Society, and expeditionist. In simpler terms, he’s a storyteller, an environmentalist and, most importantly, an optimist. He has been on assignment for National Geographic, PBS Nature, the Smithsonian Channel and others covering a wide variety of natural history topics and seeks to spread awareness on important environmental issues. Read more about his film Keepers of the Blue with Audubon Florida. You can follow more of Tomas' work on YouTube and Instagram @tomaskoeck.


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