Featured Customers | Tom Nagel Steel House Productions

Featured Customers | Tom Nagel Steel House Productions

Tom Nagel is based in Southern California, but it’s hard to keep him and his camera in one place. Tom’s adventurous nature linked him to the Ikelite system to capture what he enjoys most, underwater worlds. His underwater travels include cenotes, kelp forests, coral reefs and any ocean animal willing to look into his lens.

Tom's equipment: Canon R5, Canon 15-35 RF Lens, DS160 II Underwater Strobes


Tom Nagel Turtle

Coming face to face with this bold turtle was quite the experience. Just minutes before this shot he had snuck up behind me and taken a nibble from my ankle. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Coral Belize

Beautiful purple coral in the crystal clear waters of Belize © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Shark Belize

Nurse shark paradise. This shot was taken in Holchan, a marine preserve in Belize. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Reef Wall

Diving a reef wall off the Mesoamerican Reef. I love the depth this photo captures, you can imagine being right there next in line. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Turtle Belize with Diver

While always keeping a respectful distance from wildlife, there really is nothing quite like getting on their level to appreciate their beauty. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Garibaldi in Kelp Forest

Garibaldi, CA state fish, swimming against the pull of the current. This bright fish caught my eye as you can see the pull of the long heavy kelp pulling away and this fish making his own path in the opposite direction. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Head in the Clouds by Tom Nagel

Head in the clouds. One of my favorite over-under shots. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Reef in Belize

There’s coral, and then there’s coral at Glovers Reef Atoll, Belize. Sometimes you have to stop and marinate with your eyes. This is one of those shots. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Reef Shark

Reef shark cruising off the coast of Belize. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Lone Turtle

Brave lone sea turtle cruising in the open sea. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Kelp Catalina Island

Catalina Island kelp forests are mesmerizing. This photo reminds me of the movement of the cold Pacific current with the sun beaming down at 85 feet below. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Snorkel

The clarity of the water in the Caribbean is out of this world. © 2022 Tom Nagel


Tom Nagel Profile Photo

For over 10 years Tom Nagel has owned and operated Steel House Productions. His determination has allowed him the opportunity to combine his professional passion for film and photography with life pleasures by becoming a Divemaster in SoCal. As you can see from his photos, his personal life includes adventuring with his partner underwater as well. The next great underwater capture is always next on his list. You can find more of his work at his website or follow his journey on Instagram @steelhouseproductions 



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