Featured Customer | Baálche Photography Win a World Cup

Featured Customer | Baálche Photography Win a World Cup

Ceci Gutierrez and Mizael Palomeque form the photography duo Baálche Photography. They are passionate underwater activists who believe in making a change through their photography. Recently, their image "Yin Yang" was included in the portfolio representing Mexico in the 2022 World Photography Cup, which brought home the win! In addition to winning multinational awards, they also work with nonprofits, government agencies, and media outlets to help spread the truth about sharks and why they're so important to protect.

"Data by itself is not enough to create the change we need to save our oceans, this is why we need photography, because an image is more powerful than a thousand words, we need to tell the stories of the ocean in order to save it." - Ceci Gutierrez and Mizael Palomeque

Ceci and Mizael use the Canon R5, Canon 5D Mark IV, and dual strobes for their underwater images.

Baalche Photography Manta Ray

Aliens do exist. This photo was awarded First Place at the 2022 35Awards. Caribbean Manta, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. © 2022 Mizael Palomeque


Baalche Photo Shark and Fish BW

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV © 2022 Baálche Photography 


Baalche Photo Yin Yang

Yin Yang. This photo was part of the portfolio that awarded Mexico with the 2022 World Photographic Cup. © 2022 Mizael Palomeque


Epihpany Baalche Photo

Epiphany... spending all day documenting these giants sure puts everything into perspective. © 2022 Mizael Palomeque


Smile Mizael Palomeque

The smile of a misunderstood creature. © 2022 Mizael Palomeque


BW Shark Mizael Palomeque

Sailing, this female bull shark gracefully cruises through the oceans floor. © 2022 Mizael Palomeque


Ceci Gutierrez Whale Shark

Known as gentle giants, whale sharks are usually calm and docile, swimming along them is one of the most breathtaking experiences one can have. © 2022 Ceci Gutierrez


Sharks with prey Ceci Gutierrez

Sharks have extraordinary senses that help them select their prey. © 2022 Ceci Gutierrez


Light reflection on shark Ceci Gutierrez

While taking this photo, all I could feel was peace and quiet... it is amazing how we can coexist with these magnificent but misunderstood creatures. © 2022 Ceci Gutierrez


Ceci and Mizael Baalche Photography

Ceci Gutierrez and Mizael Palomeque together created Baálche Photography. Based out of Riviera Maya, Mexico, Ceci and Mizael take on a lot of conservation efforts outside of photography too. Ceci holds a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management and is a co-founder of multiple organizations aimed at protecting sharks and promoting science. Mizael holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Law and has won a number of different photography awards and continues to use his platform to protect sharks. Stay up to date with all of their efforts on their website or Instagram @baalchephotography


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