Featured Customers | Drew Stuckey Coral and Pine

Featured Customers | Drew Stuckey Coral and Pine

Drew Stuckey grew up in Northwest Georgia and now showcases the freshwater rivers, creeks, and swimming holes near home as well as the stunning Florida Springs.

Drew creates portraits using the unique light, texture, and weightlessness of water. He works in pools but especially loves opportunities to capture people engaging with natural environments.


Drew Stuckey Dreaming

Dreaming in a creek in Chattanooga, Tenessee | Astrid © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Morning Light Drew Stuckey

The morning light starting to hit this creek in Chattanooga, Tennessee | Julie © 2022 Drew Stuckey


BW Drew Stuckey

Black & White | Astrid © 2022 Drew Stuckey



Surfacing Drew Stuckey

Surfacing into the duckweed, Florida Springs | Deb © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Deep Drew Stuckey

Deep in the Florida Springs | Olivia and Deb © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Channeling Drew Stuckey

Channeling Icarus | Olivia © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Favorite Model Drew Stuckey

My favorite non-human model | American Paddlefish © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Lady in Red Drew Stuckey

Lady in Red | Deb © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Duo Drew Stuckey

Duo in a pool | Astrid and Anna © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Minimal Drew Stuckey

Clean and minimal | Astrid © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Quarry Drew Stuckey

Scaling the wall of a quarry in Middle Tennessee | Molly © 2022 Drew Stuckey


Drew Stuckey Profile Photo

When Drew Stuckey isn't chasing the natural beauty of the Florida Springs, Georgia, and Tennessee, he is pursuing is Master's in Applied Mathematics. His mathematics research focuses on applications to inform conservation strategies. Drew is Nikon loyal using the Z6, Z6ii, Z7ii, and the D850. Follow more of his work @coral_and_pine on InstagramTikTok or his website.





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