Featured Customers | Rae Du Plessis The Art of the Shark

Featured Customers | Rae Du Plessis The Art of the Shark

You might recognize Rae Du Plessis' name from our article The Greatest Classroom on Earth: Teaching Underwater Photography in South Africa. Combining her shark expertise with underwater photography lessons from Ikelite Ambassador Matt Jacobs, Rae's photography sets itself apart. With a solid understanding of shark behaviors, Rae sets up her underwater compositions with an expert eye using a Panasonic Lumix and Ikelite 8" Dome


dont look down by rae du plessis

Don’t Look Down | I’m quite proud of this shot of an Oceanic Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus Limbatus) as it’s an unusual angle not often captured. It’s also highly reminiscent of the classic Jaws poster. © Rae Du Plessis


art of the shark by rae du plessis

The Art of the Shark | The graceful artistic beauty of an Oceanic Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus Limbatus). Her tail was inches from my dome here. © Rae Du Plessis


raw power by rae du plessis

Raw Power | Oceanic Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus Limbatus) I never get bored of witnessing the explosive power of sharks. From Bulls and Tigers through to Great Whites, I’ve swam with them all and I’m always in awe of these apex predators. © Rae Du Plessis


traffic jam by rae du plessis

Traffic Jam | Due to catastrophic overfishing, there are few places left in the world where a healthy population of sharks can be still be found. Aliwal Shoal is one of these rare places. © Rae Du Plessis


aliwal alive by rae du plessis

Aliwal Alive | A good day on the reef and a huge number of inquisitive Oceanic Blacktip Sharks (Carcharhinus Limbatus) coming in. I love the way the sunlight hits them and gives them a bronze tint. © Rae Du Plessis


behind you rae du plessis

Behind You | The vis was not the best here and because I only use ambient light this was a challenging shot to get right. The diver behind is oblivious the action behind him. © Rae Du Plessis


flex those pecs rae du plessis

Flex Those Pecs | An unusual angle of an Oceanic Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus Limbatus) showing off her flexibility and power. © Rae Du Plessis


Happy to see me by rae du plessis

Happy to See Me? | This Oceanic Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus Limbatus) came in fast and close but gives the impression she is smiling for my camera. © Rae Du Plessis


seek and destroy rae du plessis

Seek and Destroy | During the 450 million years over which sharks have evolved, they have survived all five mass extinction events. I feel privileged each and every day to be in water and get up close and personal with these wonders of nature. © Rae Du Plessis


the body guard by rae du plessis

The Body Guard | This Potato Bass always follows me and seems to protect me as I dive the Cathedral site at Aliwal Shoal, hence his name. © Rae Du Plessis


the produce by rae du plessis

The Produce | The Norwegian tanker the Produce sank in 1974 when it struck Aliwal Shoal on the Northeast Pinnacles. It is a 119m/390ft long and 13500 ton tanker which now lies on her side. The vis was particularly good this day and exploding with colour. © Rae Du Plessis 


rae du plessis profile image

Rae Du Plessis was born and raised in South Africa. She currently calls Umkomass (and Blue Ocean Dive Resort) home, where she's been a dive instructor for 7 years. She is respected worldwide by the thousands of divers she has guided around South Africa's famous Aliwal Shoal and the shark experiences she has given them. Ever present by her side on land (and often on the boat) is her Jack Russell, Nitrox. It's said you've not truly experienced South Africa unless you've been bitten by Nitrox. Although Rae has often carried a small camera on dives, her current underwater rig presents a new adventure, follow her on Instagram to follow along on her underwater photography journey: @rae_from_the_sea.


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