Featured Customers | Damon Rickett From Macro to Megafauna

Featured Customers | Damon Rickett From Macro to Megafauna

A long time diver and photographer, Damon's love for the sea began when he started his undergraduate degree in Marine Biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.  He currently resides in Malta and travels around the world to some of the most popular dive sites, capturing images of the marine environment.  Damon enjoys photographing creatures of all sizes, from macro nudibranchs to the megafauna of the sea.

reef shark by damon rickett

Reef Shark © Damon Rickett


turtle tooth cleaning damon rickett

Turtle Tooth Cleaning © Damon Rickett


moray in sharm damon rickett

Moray in Sharm © Damon Rickett


frolicing nudibranchs damon rickett

Frolicking Nudibranchs © Damon Rickett


squadron above damon rickett

Squadron Above © Damon Rickett 


fish of the bahamas damon rickett

Fish of the Bahamas © Damon Rickett


watching the sharks circle damon rickett

Watching the Sharks Circle © Damon Rickett


posing nudibranch damon rickett

Posing Nudibranchs © Damon Rickett


huge moray damon rickett

Huge Moray © Damon Rickett


lionfish on the prowl

Lionfish on the Prowl © Damon Rickett


coral head damon rickett

Coral Head © Damon Rickett


damon rickett photography headshot

Damon Rickett studied Marine Biology in Canada and has had a passion for the ocean ever since. Now, he resides in Malta and travels the world photographing underwater creatures from macro animals to megafauna. Damon uses the Canon 5D Mark III in an Ikelite Underwater Housing. You can find more of his underwater and topside work on his website.




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