Anti-Reflection Rings

Anti-Reflection Rings

Have you ever transferred your underwater images to the computer only to be surprised by white rings or even words and numbers watermarking the image?

The detail on the front of some lenses can create some nasty reflections in your photos when used behind a dome port. None of the available anti-reflective dome coatings are capable of completely eliminating the unwanted reflections of bright white lettering. For years, divers have implemented DIY tricks and fixes to reduce this effect. Until now...

Our new anti-reflective rings are a simple and elegant solution to this potentially ruinous problem. Each matte-finish label is designed for a specific lens for a professional, custom fit. Just peel off the backing and adhere to the front of the lens. Giving you more time in the water and less time in Photoshop!

Anti-reflection rings are available now for several of the most popular Canon brand lenses. These rings can be used with the stated lens(es) regardless of housing or dome port manufacturer, making them a great choice for Aquatica, Subal, Seacam, Nauticam, SEA&SEA users alike!

Anti-reflection rings are coming soon for select Nikon and Sony lenses.

Anti-Reflection Rings for Canon Lenses

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