About the Dry Lock Port System

About the Dry Lock Port System

Years in the making, our Dry Lock (DL) lens port system represents significant advances over the legacy Four Lock (FL) port system featured on housings for film and digital DSLR cameras through 2017. Learn why Dry Lock is worth the upgrade.

Dry Lock

The main point of a lens port is to keep water on the outside of your housing. Yet the common method of attaching lens ports requires the o-ring to seat on the inside of the housing's front opening. This allows water to drip in on your camera when a port is removed to make lens changes. Not anymore! The DL system traps an o-ring on the outside of the port mount—far away from your precious camera sensor.

Ikelite Dry Lock Port System Detail

Lens Support

Our legacy Four Lock (FL) port system was limited to use with lenses up to 3.4" (86mm) maximum diameter. Depending on the lens shape, our new DL system can accommodate lenses up to a whopping 4.125" (105mm) in diameter. This expands the line of lens support dramatically, especially for full frame lenses. Popular lenses like the Canon EF 16-35mm II/III, Canon EF 11-24mm, and Nikon 14-24mm can be used with the DL system but not the legacy FL system.


Zoom & Focus

The zoom/focus gearing system has been updated to provide smoother engagement and expanded support of a wide variety of lenses. New gear sleeves will put focus adjustments at your fingertips for popular macro lenses like the Canon EF 100mm IS USM and the Nikon 105mm VR (coming soon).

We've seen zoom gears on the market for up to US$700. We pride ourselves in providing solutions that are the lightest, least complicated, and most affordable on the market.

Weight Reduction

The new DL 8" Dome Port is 1 3/4 pounds lighter than its FL counterpart, making it significantly easier to handle and travel with. Unlike the FL version, the DL 8" Dome can be attached directly to the housing for use with a variety of super wide angle and fisheye lenses.

Compact 8" Dome

The DL Compact 8" Dome Port is another exciting addition to this line. Like a smaller 4 to 6" diameter port, the Compact 8" Dome allows you to get closer to your subject and position your lighting closer to the lens. This is particularly important in close focus wide angle photography. But unlike smaller diameter domes, the Compact 8" Dome is made from a portion of a larger diameter sphere which reduces edge distortion normally associated with compact dome ports.

A full sized 8" dome is still the absolute best choice for overall image sharpness and shooting split shots (half-in, half-out of the water). But the Compact 8" Dome is a fantastic alternative if you're looking to reduce the bulk of your system.

Ikelite Full and Compact 8 Inch Domes

Flat Ports

As the name suggests, the DL Macro Flat Port was designed with the macro photographer in mind. The front of the port is 67mm threaded to accept a wide variety of macro wet lenses. A standardized 3" outside diameter front accepts common accessories like yellow filters for fluorescence photography. The DL Macro Flat Port can be attached directly to the housing or lengthened using one or more extensions.

A large diameter flat port will be available soon for use with portrait and telephoto lenses at the surface of the water.

Flat Ports for Ikelite Dry Lock Port System


The DL system features a robust fit with positive orientation of the lens port. The lens port does not rock or rotate when attached properly. All DL port components are indexed to assist installation and guarantee correct dome shade orientation. The o-ring does not twist or rotate during attachment, reducing the likelihood of improper seating or extrusion.

Simple is reliable, and the DL port system is both simple to install and reliable to use. When used in conjunction with a vacuum test system, you can go into any situation with confidence that your system is safe.


The DL port system is ideally suited to a wide variety of conditions from scuba depths to surf. Choose the correct DL series port for your lens and start shooting!


Select DSLR and Mirrorless housings released since late 2016 are available with the DL Port System. Throughout 2017, current model DSLR housings featuring the Four Lock port system will be re-introduced in Dry Lock versions (plus many other updates). FL housings with clear fronts cannot be updated to the DL Port System.

Due to differences in diameter and zoom function, legacy ports designed for the FL system cannot be updated or adapted for use with the DL port mount.

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