Adhering a GoPro to Your Housing

Adhering a GoPro to Your Housing

Can't choose between your digital camera and your GoPro? The GoPro flat adhesive mount can be used on the top of many of our housings for compact digital, mirrorless, and compact DSLR cameras. GoPro offers a wide range of buckle type mounts which allow the camera to simply snap into the flat adhesive mount.

Flexible gooseneck mounts are good for static applications, but can leave you with off-balance video underwater. We recommend looking for a mount with a rigid forward-facing position. If you're using an interchangeable lens camera with a large 8" diameter dome port, then look for extension pieces on the market which can be added to the buckle mount to raise the GoPro higher off the top of the housing.

Remember that adhesive mounts are strong but not fail-safe. Heat and water can affect the adhesive. To keep your camera safe, we recommend tethering the GoPro to your housing using a lanyard or string to prevent losing the camera if the mount should fall off.

Attaching a GoPro to your Underwater Housing

The adhesive mount requires approximately 1.75 x 2" (45 x 51 mm) of clear space on the top of the housing. This is not a good solution for housings with a large number of controls on top, or for housings with curved or angled tops. We are not able to provide model-specific housing compatibility for this mounting solution.

The GoPro mounts pictured are not manufactured or sold by Ikelite. Please contact a GoPro retailer for more information on mounting your GoPro.

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