Choosing Strobes for Ikelite TTL Systems

Choosing Strobes for Ikelite TTL Systems

The most popular set-up for connecting a strobe to an Ikelite TTL system requires three components:

  • DS161 Strobe # 4061US (or 4061EU/4061UK/4061AU)
  • Ikelite-to-Ikelite TTL Sync Cord # 45151
  • Wide Angle Ball Arm # 4080.06

Ikelite DS Strobes DS51 DS160 DS161

Upgrade your DS strobe

The DS51 strobe is the most popular choice if size is your primary concern. It's very compact, lightweight, and accepts AA batteries. The brightness and angle of coverage is perfect for macro photography with a professional grade interchangeable lens system. Two DS51 strobes provide good coverage for wide angle lenses.

If you want the best overall lighting, or a single strobe that can adequately cover both macro and wide angle, consider investing in a DS160 or DS161 strobe. Thanks to their round flash tubes and special reflectors, these strobes represent the best light quality among underwater strobes. Powerful rechargeable NiMH batteries provide true rapid firing far faster than strobes powered by AA batteries. The DS161 is the same strobe as the DS160, except that the DS160's modeling light is replaced by a 500 lumen diffused light for spotting and macro video.

Ikelite Strobe Arm Systems

Upgrade your strobe arm

The Flex Arm is the lightest and most affordable option for connecting a strobe to your system. True to its name, the arm provides a good degree of flexibility and can be added to inexpensively. The Flex Arm supports the DS51 strobe only. A DS160 or DS161 strobe requires an aluminum ball joint arm.

There are several key advantages to upgrading to an aluminum ball joint arm. The most significant advantage is that aluminum arms provide lots of additional mounting point locations for the attachment of accessories including video lights and Top Handles (use of a top handle requires dual strobes).

Ball joint arms like the Compact Ball Arm provide a greater degree of reticulation compared to flex components, so it's easier to make fine adjustments to your light positioning. Aluminum construction makes ball joint arms much stronger; necessary for adding accessories or when shooting professional grade strobes like the DS160 or DS161.

An extra long strobe arm is essential for reducing backscatter and providing even lighting when shooting wide angle. Aluminum ball arms can be extended farther from the housing than flex arms. Ball arms are available in extended configurations, like the Wide Angle Ball Arm, or can be added to later.

Ikelite Dual Sync Cord 4103.52

Shooting Dual Strobes

Two Ikelite DS strobes can be connected to your TTL system using our Y-shaped Dual Sync Cord # 45152.

Already own non-Ikelite strobes?

SEA&SEA or INON strobes can be connected, but they are not capable of powering the TTL circuitry in your housing or converter. These strobes must be used in manual power settings. The following sync cords are available to connect strobes from other manufacturers:

  • SEA&SEA/INON Strobe (one strobe) # 45281
  • Dual SEA&SEA/INON Strobes (two strobes) # 45282

Why Ikelite?

Our strobes are designed from inside to out specifically for underwater photography. We are the only underwater strobe which is 100% made in the USA by experienced divers. Our staff is easily accessible for any advice and support you need.

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