The Expeditioners

The Expeditioners

The Expeditioners, Roberto and Cherine Gibbons (aka Bella), will inspire you to travel the world. The Expeditioners post photos and video of their extreme globetrotting across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. From the depths of winter to the throes of summer, this couple is no stranger to braving the elements. Thanks to their willingness to tote around the equipment required to document their adventures, we’re able to discover new landscapes and participate in various adventures right along with them. Prior to coming on board as an ambassador, The Expeditioners used their GoPro camera to document their underwater adventures. Ready to explore the next level of underwater photography, they reached out to Ikelite and continue to bring the Ikelite slogan, "Your camera... anywhere there’s water," to life.

A few years ago, The Expeditioners could count their Facebook followers on both hands. Thanks to the viral nature of Facebook, hundreds of thousands of people now visit their content every week. It is perhaps their joie-de-vivre that keeps fans coming back for more. Recently, The Expeditioners launched The Expeditioners Magazine on the iTunes app store to offer adventure enthusiasts a more in-depth look at their lifestyle, and stories of adventure and misadventure alike. With over 35 countries under their belt, where this couple will take us next is anybody's guess – but we know we won’t want to miss it!

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Awards + Achievements

  • Climbed Mount Whitney's Mountaineer's Route in Winter
  • Dove the turbulent currents of Mozambique to photograph Groupers
  • Went on an Expedition to Sea-Kayak Great Slave Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories
  • Explored Iceland in mid-winter to hunt the Northern Lights
  • After writing for a national magazine, they launched their very own
  • Learned to Kiteboard in only a couple of months, and can’t wait to to take the sport to a new level

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