Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson is a native islander from the Caribbean island of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. He has worked as a professional underwater photographer for over 15 years. His entry into the field was somewhat unorthodox as he began his photography career underwater, only venturing into topside work years later. He began his career as a Photo Pro at Anthony’s Key Resort where he enjoyed meeting veterans from the field like Stephen Frink, Rick Frehsee, and Marty Snyderman. From there, Jackson left AKR to start his own professional photography firm handling commercial clients and focusing on his underwater fine art photography. During that time, Jackson’s work was seen in countless industry magazines like SCUBA Diving and Sport Diver. His underwater video footage was also featured on ESPN and several other TV and educational programs. In 2009, Jackson moved to the United States and traveled back and forth to the Caribbean for commercial campaigns. In the US, his work was featured in numerous galleries and continued to be seen on the pages of industry magazines as well as gaining a large following in the online community.

In 2014 Jackson and his family moved back to his home island of Roatan where he now runs his business. Jackson is pleased to work on Bay Islands Tourism initiatives as well as work closely with the Roatan Marine Park on special conservation projects. In 2015 Jackson and his Manager, Maggie (who is also his wife!) will celebrate the opening of their own Gallery in West End, Roatan. The gallery will feature Jackson’s work, house his studio, and serve as home base for his new set of courses and workshops for underwater and topside photography.

As a native islander, Jackson has witnessed the change in the reefs of Roatan over the years and he strives to make his photographs accessible to divers and underwater enthusiasts but also to people who are unfamiliar with the underwater world. His hope is that by blending fine art with conservation it will lead to increased attention for our waters.

If you are visiting Roatan, you can find Jackson diving with Native Sons Dive Shop in West End or at his new gallery in West End’s Art District.

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Awards + Achievements

  • Images used by the President to sign Honduran Shark Sanctuary legislation into law
  • Photographs featured on CNN & in the New York Times marking historic Shark Sanctuary legislation
  • Published in Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, and other dive related magazines
  • Images selected by multiple Presidents for official use at the Presidential House, governmental projects, & and international presentations
  • Several awards for Underwater and Nature Photography international competitions

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