Viktor Lyagushkin

Viktor does not speak foreign languages, but he doesn’t need to. His language is photography, and he can be understood regardless of race, age or nationality even in the most remote corners of the planet.

The word “photography” means “light drawing”, “the art of drawing with light” in Greek, and this is literally what Viktor does. In one interview, he said that for him it would be ideal if the entire world was plunged into darkness, so that Viktor could paint it again, illuminating it with flashes according to his taste, and we would see the world in a new way. So Viktor likes to take photos in complete darkness, at night or in a cave, and he always has dozens of flashes in his backpack.

For this reason, and also because he likes to have complete control over light, his friends call him Mr. Slave Strobe.

Viktor is 44, he graduated from Theatrical Academy in St-Petersburg, Russia. His specialty is scene-designer.

Everything important in my life happens incidentally. For 20 years I’ve worked in magazines as designer, journalist and photographer. I became professional photographer in 1998. It happened so, that our staff photographer was busy and editorial office had to send me as photographer. It was the beginning. Just by chance, I began to dive, and then almost casually passed technical diving courses. From the 2003 I hold underwater camera in my hands. I started to dive in 2000 and it turned so exiting that I did not stop up to this time. Step by step I became technical diver and so obtained an opportunity to make photos of the most distant and closed parts of our planet.

Copyright Viktor Lyagushkin / Ikelite Ambassador

Awards + Achievements

  • National Geographic Russia photographer, Nikon Ambassador
  • Books: Orda Cave Awareness ProjectBeing a Dolphin100 Facts About Being a Dolphins
  • Projects: Orda Cave Awareness Project, Princess of Whales, Magic World of Blue Lake, Lady of Orda Cave, Secrets of Shipwrecks, Black Sea Dolphin Project
  • Published in more than 1000 publications worldwide

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