Rebecca Handler

Rebecca Handler

Conceptual photographer Rebecca Handler lives and works in New York City, the perfectly surreal playground for a playfully surreal artist.

After attending University in California, and working in the motorcycle industry, Rebecca returned to New York. Since then, she has been tackling the photo industry with an undying thirst to produce new and innovative work.

Mixing photography and digital manipulation, Rebecca Handler is continuously pushing the boundaries of her medium. With her vintage aesthetic and unique style, which she describes as "kitsch with class", she produces original images rich in detail, mood and color.

Rebecca's work has launched to much critical acclaim, as she has followed a pioneering path, in both commercial and underwater photography, as well as art directing.

After being featured in numerous art shows and publications worldwide, Rebecca is currently focusing on Advertising Photography, and is working on Commercial Campaigns with award winning creatives around the world.

Underwater Photo Copyright Rebecca Handler

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