Karen Bagley

Karen Bagley

Karen Bagley is a Fine Art Maternity and Underwater Portrait Photographer right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Her dramatic and whimsical underwater portraits are creating quite the splash in the photography world. While photographing her clients will always be a strong love of hers, she also loves teaching! She speaks nationally on her underwater craft, and absolutely loves that she helps people come one step closer to living their dreams.

Karen has been around photography from the time she took her first job when she was 16. Her first underwater session was almost four years ago and she has never looked back. She has been in the water ever since and her love for the underwater world only continues to grow. She is on a mission to change what people think of when they hear underwater portraiture. One client at a time.

As a wife to an amazing husband, mother to two perfect girls plus one pretty awesome fur- baby, and a full-time photographer her plate is full, yet she never slows down. Her energy is always through the roof and is always ready to make any opportunity a fun and exciting one. She continues to be ready and waiting to create her next art piece.

Karen Bagley Underwater Maternity Photo

Awards + Achievements

  • Published in Shutter Magazine
  • Published in TAOPAN Magazine
  • Twice winning Outstanding Maternity Award

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Instagram @significant_moments


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