Brandon Verdura

Brandon Verdura

If you can look at a photo and know whom it belongs to, that photographer is doing something right. This is the case with underwater photographer Brandon Verdura. On countless occasions, Brandon has been given this compliment, signaling that his style is one of a kind. 

Brandon is an avid photographer, freediver, and US Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer living out his dream in Oahu, Hawaii. He developed a passion for the water at a young age, learning how to freedive and spearfish in his father’s footsteps in South Florida. His career takes him to many water-based locations where he is able to master and practice his love for photography.

Brandon’s journey began with a GoPro, where he discovered his knack and passion for capturing the underwater world that so few get to see. Brandon upgraded to a DSLR and Ikelite housing 3 years ago, setting him on the path that he still pursues to this day. Brandon’s photography is motivated by his hopes to offer others a glance inside the beauty he sees beneath the surface.

“Honestly it is hard to describe the feeling I get every time I enter the ocean. Growing up, the ocean was my second home. I became attached to it, and freediving gave me the ability to feel as though I was a part of it. It is an ever-changing reality that is always there but rarely appreciated. It does not matter how many times you dive the same spot, every day will be different... The way the water moves, the clarity and light rays, the sea life that is present. There’s always a chance to be amazed and the ocean never disappoints.”

-Brandon Verdura

Underwater Photo Copyright Brandon Verdura

Awards + Achievements

  • Published in Spearing Magazine, Guy Harvey Magazine, and Intermodelo 
  • Multiple Photos featured in the National Geographic Daily Dozen

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