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To tell you a little about myself, I live in Ardèche, France. I belong to people who live their lives fully, believing in Love and Luck. My main inspirations are my story and my encounters. My moods tend to lead me to nature to look for beautiful lights, different colors and unknown noises. It's hard to share in just a few words, how much I like to explore the surroundings, jump on a plane and get lost somewhere on planet Earth or underwater.

True story... 

For a long time I was afraid of water. This strange fluid depriving man of all oxygen. It is in STAPS that I made up for my jitters through an EU called "stable environments". We had to select a sport in which we were novices and develop our practice over a semester to go from beginner to expert. What a challenge! After a daily workout and an important mental motivation, I was able to complete a 400m medley before the exams arrived. The click took place here, the water became my element!

It is also by wading wisely in the Philippines in 2012, that the story aqua-photo has made sense. I saw a future mother having fun immersing her eldest son in the crystal clear waters. This moment was so beautiful from below. When I returned to France, I did not hesitate a second, it was a revelation. Underwater photography was going to occupy a big place in my life from now on.

I was looking forward to setting up a service combining photography and underwater world. So I imagined an experience that allowed me to share my passion for water and my photographic practice. A real treat both in the pool and in the wild. I started by training to apnea to ensure the safety of my sessions and control my body under water. Then I developed my own aqua-photographic techniques. In 2014, I sold my first sessions.

A pioneer in France, now a specialist, this adventure now takes me much further than I would have imagined. In 2016, I realized my first aquatic shoots in the wild in Mauritius and Australia for swimsuit brands! My housing and I became inseparable. We regularly go to the end of the world together for aquatic pregnancies / underwater maternity. Today I count more than a hundred aquatic sessions and my activity is growing more and more abroad.

Since 2018, I have also become a trainer in aquatic photography. My friend Delphine and myself have developed a beautiful entity dedicated to our underwater workshops: Fluidity! What an incredible experience for us to share more than our passion.

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