Gary Burns

Gary Burns

Gary is a graduate mechanical engineer who has spent his working career in aerospace ground & flight test engineering. His passion has always been underwater photography since being certified with the BSAC in 1976. As a young boy, he watched the Jacques Cousteau documentaries and was inspired by the underwater world and the adventures the Calypso team undertook.

After completing his mechanical apprenticeship in the UK he moved to Montreal, Canada, to work with a leading aerospace team developing the first Challenger corporate aircraft. Flight testing is very much like scuba diving. It follows very dedicated rules, which provides unique personal experiences that drives curiosity, a sense of adventure and creativity.

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During this time period, he joined the local NAUI dive club and started taking underwater images of the eastern shore line of Quebec and Maine. This was cold deep diving, but was very rewarding and interesting photography, especially in the winter months under the ice.

He now lives in Southern California and dives on a regular basis in the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara and Catalina.  The protected dive sanctuaries provide the chance to sharpen your photography skills with a wealth of sea life and kelp diving The Pacific Ocean kelp forests provide a wonderful opportunity for taking wide angle and close-up photography, with the sunlight beaming through the kelp branches.

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Over the past 10 years, the Caribbean islands of Turks & Caicos and the Grand Cayman have provided the most memorable venues for wreck, cave and reef diving. During each adventure, the Ikelite underwater camera systems have been the perfect dive buddy and contributed to fulfilling my passion for this wonderful creative sport. 

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