Marcel Rudolph-Gajda

Marcel Rudolph-Gajda

Germany based Marcel started his underwater and photography journey in 2007. While learning the ropes of scuba diving in the Red Sea, he was blown away by the beauty of this hidden world and infected with the underwater virus. He decided to capture picturesque memories of the world below the surface to share it with people who have never seen this world before or also fell in love with it. 

While still learning from the masters of underwater photography and deepening his knowledge of the underwater world, Marcel shares insights in destinations, photo gear, and also gives talks for kids about nature conservation. Marcel’s goal is to get especially the young generation on board to protect our oceans through educating them about the marine life but also human made threads. 

As Marcel has a full-time background in Sales in social media, digital marketing, and digital customer relations, he focuses on Instagram as his channel of choice to network and create awareness. His audience frequently enjoys his enriching underwater perspective on his channel @live_and_let_dive.


Sealions Copyright Ikelite Ambassador Marcel Rudolph


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