Product # 46041

ST1 TTL Hotshoe for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

$ 125.00

Replacement TTL hotshoe for select Ikelite housings for Sony Mirrorless cameras featuring an easy disconnect hotshoe. All 5 conductors are wired for TTL operation when used in conjunction with compatible TTL accessories and strobe.

Ikelite DS strobes should never be connected directly to a camera using this hotshoe without a compatible TTL Converter in between. Failure to heed this warning will apply power to the camera and may cause unusual behavior and possibly permanent damage to the camera's hotshoe.


  • 200DLM/A Housing for Sony A6400 # 6911.64
  • 200DL Housing for Sony A7 A7R A7S # 71471
  • 200DL Housing for Sony A7 II A7R II A7S II # 71472
  • 200DL Housing for Sony A7 III A7R III A9 # 71473


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