Product # 64311

INON Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-H100

$ 300.00

This dedicated super dome option for the INON UWL-H100 Wide Angle Wet Lens provides a wider angle of view underwater of up to 144.8º (actual angle of coverage varies based on camera model).  

The Dome Lens Unit II also decreases the minimum focus distance, perfect for shooting close focus wide angle.

The dome is made of optical glass with multiple inner anti-reflection coatings to minimize flare and ghosting in backlit images.

The dome waterproofs to the front of the INON UWL-H100 lens and is not intended to be removed and replaced from the front of the UWL-H100 while underwater. The UWL-H100 may be removed and replaced from the housing.



Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy body

Optical glass with inner anti-reflection coatings

16.5 oz (470 g)

5.2" diameter x 1.9" (132.4 x 48.2 mm)

Depth rating 197 feet (60 meters)



Instruction Manual