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FL Flat Port For Lenses Up To 6.1 Inches

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Flat ports are recommended for standard, macro and telephoto lenses. Due to refraction, flat ports reduce the angle of coverage of a lens and magnify the image. This makes the flat port ideal when using standard, macro or zoom lenses to shoot small subjects.

Note that if a port is long enough to accommodate the full length of a 1:1 macro lens, the lens may vignette when used at infinity. If access to the lens' full range is desired, then select a dome port instead.

Accommodates lenses up to 6.1-inch (15.5 cm) long and 3.3-inch (8.4 cm) in diameter.


In the Box

Flat port

O-ring # 0105

Neoprene cover # 0200.5

Silicone lubricant 1cc tube



Instruction Manual