DS Strobes

What defines a professional strobe? Photographers with millions of images to their names need a strobe that combines quality of light, speed, and durability. The latest series of DS strobes exemplify these characteristics in a form factor with proven reliability, built of lightweight materials, and powered by the longest-lasting energy supply on the market.
Ikelite strobes are the only ones I have found to be dependable enough for professional use in the harshest conditions on Earth.

Norbert Wu, Arctic photographer

Strobes You Can Trust

DS230 Strobe

230 watt-seconds of perfect bokeh-soft power. TTL compatible with ultra-fast pro-grade rechargeable battery pack.

DS160 II Strobe

160 watt-seconds of warm, soft coverage. TTL compatible with ultra-fast pro-grade rechargeable battery pack.

DS51 II Strobe

50 watt-seconds in the smallest body for travel. TTL compatible and powered by AA batteries.

Slide to See What Strobes Do

One question we get often is Do I need strobes?

Without Strobes

With Strobes


Built to Endure

A professional grade strobe is designed to last through a lifetime of imaging and multiple camera upgrades.

Fastest on the Planet

Ikelite pioneered lightning fast recycle time to the last shot and burst strobe shooting.

Premium Quality Light

We sacrifice top guide number to provide the most perfectly balanced light at full power.


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Ikelite DS232 Strobe Front with Video Light

Setting up Strobes with a DS Link TTL Converter