Why We Fell in Love With the Canon Rebel SL1

The Canon Rebel SL1 Kit is no longer available. Check out the newer Canon Rebel SL2 instead... It has all of these advantages plus a super high resolution 24mp sensor and better battery life.


#1  Size and travel weight

The Canon Rebel SL1 is the smallest DSLR camera available - comparable to the size of compact mirrorless cameras. The Canon Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D) and SL2 (EOS 200D) are the only cameras small enough to be offered in our Compact DSLR style of housings.

In the housing, the SL1 is half the size and weight of a traditional underwater system for DSLR cameras, including smaller cameras like the Canon Rebel T7i or Nikon D5600. That makes it easier to pack and reduces drag and fatigue underwater. 

#2  Image quality and speed

The 18-55mm kit lens is a good mid-range lens, capable of shooting both semi-wide angle and smaller creatures on the same dive. The SL1 has no shutter lag and focuses with the speed and accuracy of more expensive DSLR cameras. 

#3  Handling and maneuverability

A compact system helps you get better shots because you get to more shots. It's easier to swim with and allows you to get closer to the subject. Canon cameras are renowned for ergonomics and easy to navigate menus and controls.

#4 Value for dollar

You could bump up to the SL2 for more megapixels and slightly better battery life. After that, the next most affordable system starts at US $2,150 without a camera or lens.

The SL1 is more than capable of fantastic photos that have graced the pages of magazines and can be blown up to hang on your wall. With the cost savings over a large DSLR, you can invest in things that will actually improve your photos: great strobes and sharp lenses. We recommend the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye and Canon 100mm Macro for the ultimate underwater toolkit.

#5 Backup

We're always here for you with the best support and service in the industry. Whether you need help choosing the right o-rings or want advice on how to get a particular type of photo, we're just an email away.


Get Deeper

Check out some sample photos showing everything from macro to wide angle, available light and strobe-lit, fluorescence and split shots.

See the housing and camera kit product page.

Download the lens port chart pdf.

Learn about choosing strobes for a TTL system.

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