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First Reactions to OM System (Olympus) OM-1 Underwater [VIDEO]

First Reactions to OM System (Olympus) OM-1 Underwater [VIDEO]

Ikelite Photo Guru Steve Miller joins Nirupam Nigam of Bluewater Photo Store and Editor-in-Chief of Underwater Photography Guide to chat about the new OM Systems OM-1 mirrorless micro-four thirds camera. This is perhaps the last camera to carry the Olympus brand name on the front and it's a formidable power for underwater shooting.

The OM-1 is a 20 megapixel camera with 5-axis in-body image stabilization, 4K/60p ultraHD video output, and 1080p Full HD at up to 240 fps. Steve shot it with the Olympus 7-14mm Fisheye and the Olympus 60mm Macro off the coast of Catalina Island, California.

Find out what the guys thought of it and whether it would be a good choice for your next upgrade.


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