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OM System OM-1 Underwater in Croatia [VIDEO]

OM System OM-1 Underwater in Croatia [VIDEO]

The OM System OM-1 packs a punch in a compact sized housing with 20.4 megapixel still image and 4K/60p UHD video capabilities. Last month Marcin Trzciński took it underwater in Croatia to test out it himself. Filming for Foto Podwodna in their 2022 Underwater Photographers Meeting on the island of Vis, Marcin captured everything from macro critters like nudibranchs to wide angle footage of his fellow divers. Check out Marcin's video for the full experience.

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We like the OM-1 for its small travel size and weight, auto-focus, and better than average battery life, but you can do a deeper dive with two of our favorite photo gurus as they discuss their First Reactions to the OM System OM-1 Underwater. Need more help deciding if this is the right system for you? Send us an email via 


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Marcin Trzciński took a camera on his first dive back in August 1995, only to emerge half an hour later with a few blurry and colorless photos. He has managed to improve his craft since then which has resulted in collaborations with a number of diving magazines and TV stations in the following years. Marcin loves archeology, history, and collaborating with the Underwater Archeology Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University and Warsaw University which gives him an opportunity to dive on exciting underwater archeological sites worldwide. 


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