Canon Rebel SL3 Underwater in Grand Cayman [VIDEO]

Canon Rebel SL3 Underwater in Grand Cayman [VIDEO]

The Canon Rebel SL3 is one of our all-time favorite camera systems to take underwater because it packs so much in performance at a tremendous value. The SL3 is a 24 megapixel compact DSLR camera with APS-C sensor and 4K UltraHD video capture. It supports TTL flash exposure with Ikelite DS strobes, accepts Canon EF mount lenses like the beloved Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye, and has a CIPA rating of 1080 shots per battery charge.

The complete kit with housing, lens port, Canon Rebel SL3 camera body and 18-55mm kit lens retails at under $2000US making it perhaps the best deal in diving at the moment!


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