A Celebration of Life with the Sony Alpha A7S II [VIDEO]

A Celebration of Life with the Sony Alpha A7S II [VIDEO]

Ambassador Claude Evangelista shows what's possible with a combination of spectacular footage, great music, and masterful editing. 

Claude is equally at home at altitude or at depth, which makes for an interesting combination of perspectives on our beautiful planet. His film reel captures the an energy that makes us want to hit replay over and over.

This footage spans the following locations: Philippines: Mayon Volcano, Legazpi - Pampanga - Bantayan Island, Cebu - Tubbataha Reef - Moal Boal, Cebu - Coron, Palawan - Siargao - Banaue, Ifugao - Batad, Ifugao - Anilao, Batangas - Cagayan De Oro.

All underwater footage was taken using the Sony Alpha A7S II in his Ikelite housing. Claude is also an avid skydiver and uses a GoPro mounted to his helmet. Aerial shots were taken using DJI drones.




Claude EvangelistaAmbassador Claude Evangelista's work shows more experience than his 26 years would suggest. Claude hails from the Philippines and is a USPA licensed skydiver, PADI AOW scuba diver, and graduate from the International Academy of Film and Television. His passion for extreme adventures gives him a unique perspective of life on earth from 4,000 meters to the deepest depths, and everything in between.Read more...



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