Claude Evangelista

Claude Evangelista

I'm Claude Evangelista, 26 years old from the Philippines. I am a USPA licensed Skydiver, PADI licensed AOW diver, and adventure/underwater filmmaker. A graduate from International Academy of Film & Television. 

I love jumping out of airplanes, doing extreme adventures, but my love for exploring the underwater world has only gotten stronger ever since I integrated it with filmmaking.

My purpose as an underwater filmmaker is to find captivating stories beneath the ocean, and find ways to capture people's attention and communicate those stories to people who do not have the opportunities and privilege to witness what happens beneath the ocean. To create awareness and show them how and why their small day to day actions affect the oceans and the marine life that live in it. To educate them about the Ocean being the largest ecosystem in the planet, to show them that the oceans is our planet's life support system, Why they should care, and how taking care of the oceans will not only affect the creatures that live in it, but will ultimately affect all of us that live on this planet. 

it is easy for dive and underwater enthusiasts to be aware and take action on our current environmental issues & concerns. But to those people who have never witnessed the ocean's glory, it can be a challenge to show them the importance of taking care of the rest of the 71% of the earth's surface.

And so my goal as an underwater filmmaker is to create an emotional connection through cinematographic storytelling, that starts conversations, make viewers lean forward, create excitement and awareness, and inspire them to make small day to day actions that will help save our oceans, and ultimately save our planet as a whole.

Whale Shark by Claude Evangelista Ikelite Housing Sony A7


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