Glenn Ostle

Glenn has always had a love of the water. In school he swam competitively, later served in the U.S. Navy, and ultimately became a SCUBA diver. Growing up, he also had an interest in photography which his father had taught him at an early age. However, he didn’t pursue it seriously until 1995 when he received a Nikonos camera as a birthday present. He had always resisted photographing underwater as he thought a camera would detract from his enjoyment of diving. Instead, it opened up a whole new underwater world and since that day he has not made a dive without a camera. Together with his long-time partner, Pam Hadfield, he has photographed marine life around the world and is currently on his 7th Ikelite housing.

Glenn combines his photography skills with a writing ability honed through more than 30 years working in marketing and publishing including 10 years as Editorial Director of a major trade publication. He is a long-time member of the Nikon Professional Society and regularly contributes articles to a Florida-based travel magazine. He also posts a photo (almost) daily on Instagram along with an educational description of the subject and/or photo techniques.

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Awards + Achievements

  • 19 magazine covers (4 underwater themes)
  • Journey Into Blue, 2010 self-published
  • Grand Cayman, 2014 self-published
  • “Blackwater, Cold water, Sharky water” – Times of the Islands magazine, 3/2018
  • “Underwater Indonesia” – Times of the Islands magazine, 11/2016
  • “Snorkeling with Senor Big: Whale Sharks” – Times of the Islands magazine, 3/2016
  • “Heartbreak Reef: Disaster in Grand Cayman” – Times of the Islands magazine, 7/2015
  • “Oh, Oh Domino: Whale Sharks” – Times of the Islands magazine, 1/2011
  • “Personality Plus: the Florida Manatee” – Times of the Islands magazine 7/2008
  • “Beneath the Southern Cross: Great Barrier Reef” – Times of the Islands magazine 1/2008
  • “On the Trail of a Predator: Tiger Beach” – Times of the Islands magazine 1/2007
  • “Reefing Key West Style: Sinking the Vandenberg” – Times of the Islands magazine 1/2006
  • Other magazines in which his articles and/or photos have appeared include: Scuba Diving, Skin Diver Magazine, Sport Diver, Shark Diver Magazine, Caribbean Travel & Life, Travel & Leisure, and Outdoor California.
  • 2018 National Wildlife Photo contest (“Baby Loggerhead turtle,” honorable mention)
  • 2018 National Wildlife Photo contest (“Spotted Cleaner Shrimp,” honorable mention)
  • Smithsonian: Nature’s Best Photography 2018, (“Siblings” [land photo], highly honored)
  • 2017 National Wildlife photo contest (“Shrimp on a Corallimorph,” honorable mention)
  • 2007, 45th Annual Los Angeles Intl Underwater Photo Competition (“Minke Whale,” 2nd place, wide angle prints)
  • 2005, 43rd Annual Los Angeles Intl Underwater Photo Competition (“Browning Wall Octopus,” (1st place, west coast cold water prints; “Sculpin on an Orange,” 2nd place, west coast cold water prints; “Seal pup” 2nd place, marine related scenic prints)
  • Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest, 2005 (“Lion’s Mane Jelly,” honorable mention)
  • Islands Magazine Photo Contest 2005 (“Outrigger Canoe Above,” honorable mention)
  • 2004 Caribbean Travel & Life Photo Contest, (“Two Dolphins,” 1st place, nature category)


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Instagram @ostleglenn

Facebook @glenn.ostle

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