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Our Favorite Underwater Photography Podcasts | Part 3

Our Favorite Underwater Photography Podcasts | Part 3

By Denise Pietsch

If there's one thing I love about podcasts it's their ability to make hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts of all walks of life feel connected from afar. That, and their ability to keep me entertained during mundane tasks around the house. So we're back with part three of our favorite underwater photography podcast series to make sure you stay entertained (and inspired!) during your mundane tasks around the house. 


Sea is Medicine Podcast

The Sea is Medicine: Underwater Magic - Brandon Verdura

The Coast Guard, NFTs, the ephemeral nature of underwater experiences… this episode has it all! Ikelite’s very own Brandon Verdura is interviewed on The Sea is Medicine Podcast. He talks about growing up on the coast, “mastering” the ever fluid art of underwater photography (hint: there’s always something new to learn), and freediving. Brandon makes some really interesting points about the benefits of freediving on his underwater photography, so if you’re into underwater photography without scuba gear, this is definitely the episode for you! Also discussed: ocean conservation and the powerful impact of underwater images. Listen here.


Ted Art

TED Talks Art: An Underwater Art Museum, Teeming with Life | Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor is a British sculptor, underwater photographer, and is famous for his underwater museums. This podcast is a short and powerful speech by Jason about his underwater sculptures and the sanctity of our oceans. Using low carbon, pH neutral materials, Jason creates statues that are aimed at coral and marine life regeneration – proof that art and science aren’t separate entities. There are more than a few good reasons these underwater museums are so important, and this podcast will have you booking your next flight to go diving at one of Jason’s sites. Side note: this 10-minute podcast has a video element, while it is not vital to watch it to enjoy and learn from the podcast it does provide stunning visuals. Listen here.


Nat Geo Overheard Podcast

Overhead and National Geographic: Scuba Diving in a Pyramid

Did you know Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt? I learned that and so much more on this Nat Geo podcast. Less scuba diving and underwater photography and more ancient history, it is 100% interesting nonetheless. This episode explores the politics of ancient Egypt and their often-rocky relationship with the Kushites (the region that is now modern-day Sudan) and how the quote “history is written by the victors” might also need an addendum: “and those best at documentation.” But we’re all really here because of the scuba aspect, right? Here it is: because of rising water lines due to changes in the Nile River, Nat Geo editor Kristen Romey requires scuba gear to explore the pyramids at Nuri in Sudan. There are some proported benefits to these rising water lines and their impacts on the pyramids, but you’ll have to tune in to learn about that. Listen here.


 Pod Diver Radio Podcast

Pod Diver Radio: Cave Photography

Marissa Eckert is a cave and tech diving instructor and photographer extraordinaire. She discusses how she fell in love with cave diving, how she lights caves for cave photography (strobes vs. video lights), displaying the scale of a cave using her dive buddies, and some of her favorite cave photography techniques. This is a good podcast if you’re a tech diver, or have been interested in getting into tech diving and/or cave photography, or you just enjoy listening to someone who is really enthusiastic about their craft. Pod Diver Radio has Marissa return on another episode called “The Philosophy of Technical Dive Instruction” which we’re excited to dig into soon. Listen here.


Hydrophone Podcast

The Hydrophone: Amos Nachoum

“My heart was beating out of my dry suit; I was over-breathing on my regulator. I looked at the gauge and I had the last maybe 200-300lbs left but I couldn’t go to the surface because I saw the polar bears on the surface.” After this Amos had to do an emergency ascent, where he lost air for the last ~15ft. Such is the life of Amos Nachoum, a world-renowned big animal behavior photographer. This episode does a deep dive on what got Amos into his craft, his artistic motivations, and the necessity of dedicating everything to wildlife photography. Host Jorge Cervera Hauser is also a friend and mentee of Amos, their respect and admiration for one another is heartwarming. A motivating and engaging podcast with a truly unique photographer that emphasizes the need to follow your passions not for fame or fortune but because it’s the thing that makes your soul feel alive. Listen here.





Denise Pietsch Bio Photo

Denise Pietsch (pronounced “Peach”) currently manages Ikelite’s Photo School and social media presence. Denise hails from New Jersey, where she obtained a degree in Dance Therapy. After years teaching dance she migrated into the corporate world and eventually came around to Ikelite via the natural career path of fruit distribution and early childhood development. In the end, her lifelong love of photography and octopuses combined into the work she does now. In addition to sharing her energy and enthusiasm with the underwater community she also manages social media for her dog, Joe, collects vinyl records, and enjoys creating memories with her friends and family.


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