Freediving with Orcas // Following a Dream To Norway [VIDEO]

Freediving with Orcas // Following a Dream To Norway [VIDEO]

Every winter the Arctic fjords of northern Norway welcome the ocean’s apex predator, the orca. Fishermen and tourists witness these animals from the comfort of a boat. Photographer Jacques de Vos plunges into the cold, dark water to experience them first-hand and capture their lives under the waves.

Jacques is committed to protecting these creatures that have captured his dreams since childhood. He works each year to document the orcas and advocate for the only local full-time research group, the Norwegian Orca Survey.

This episode of Stories from the Field follows his journey and takes a closer look at the story, dedication, and equipment it takes to photograph and film Norwegian orcas in their natural environment.



This story was directed and filmed by Logan Wood using Sony a7S III and a1 mirrorless cameras. 

Featuring orca footage taken by Jacques de Vos using a Panasonic LUMIX S1. Jacques currently shoots a Canon R5 in the 200DL Underwater Housing # 71764.


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