Film SLR Housings

Film SLR Housings


We made a wide variety of housings for film cameras from the late 1960s to the early 2000s. Throughout these years, the basic shape and size of the housing remained similar while the control locations changed. It is not possible for us to provide visual identification of these models, nor are they distinguished by serial number in a way that allows us to provide identification. We do not have a digital archive of images of these models made in a time that pre-dated digital.

Some SLR backs have the number 5572 imprinted on them. This is a generic mold designation number and does not indicate what model of housing it is or which camera it was designed to accommodate.


We have no input on how to convert a film SLR housing to accommodate a newer digital camera, other than to say that it is not recommended. The age of the components and lack of serviceable parts available make this a dangerous prospect for your modern technology.


The type of SLR case you have will determine which replacement main o-ring seal you need. Refer to the photos and descriptions below to help distinguish which case you have.

Examples of Ikelite Housings for Film SLR Cameras

The most common size is our "SLR" or "SLR-AF" case which is distinguished by a lens port mount very close to the bottom of the case. We have no remaining inventory of the rear o-ring for this style case. You may be able to substitute an o-ring of size AS568 -264 in a silicone material. We do not recommend using a buna (nitrile) or other compound of o-ring due to potential interactions with the plastics of the case.

Example of Ikelite Housings for Film SLR Cameras "SLD-MD"

The "SLR-MD" case uses Ikelite o-ring part # 0131 which is still available for special order through your local Ikelite dealer. The SLR-MD case is distinguished by a considerable distance between the port mount and the bottom of the case.

Both styles of housing use port o-ring # 0105.

Lens Ports

Lens ports from our film SLR cases can be used with newer DSLR housings featuring the Four Lock (FL) port system. However, there can be major degradation of the plastics, glue joints, and seals of these older ports. We recommend seriously considering whether it is worth trusting your modern digital camera behind a 20-30 year old lens port.

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