Canon RF 100mm Macro Assembly // Ikelite 200DLM/D Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

Canon RF 100mm Macro Assembly // Ikelite 200DLM/D Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

The Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens is the ultimate solution if you want to focus on the small stuff. The RF 100mm provides exceptionally fast and accurate autofocus when used with one of Canon's compact mirrorless cameras. John Brigham shows you how easy it is to install the lens on your Ikelite 200DLM/D Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R7, R8, R10, or R100 cameras.


Installing the Lens

To start, ensure that the switches on your lens are set according to your preference. In this case we're going to ensure that autofocus, image stabilization are switched on as well as full range.

Then, remove the lens cap from the front and the back of the lens, as well as the body cap from the front of the camera. This lens is as simple as just aligning up the red indexing dots on the lens with the red indexing dot located on the camera, and bayonet the lens onto the camera through the port of the housing.


Port Extension & Flat Port

For the Canon RF 100mm configuration we will be using an Extension # 5516.70 and a Flat Port # 5516.51.

Before I put the extension and flat port together I'm going to take a little bit of the Ikelite lubricant and apply it to my index finger and thumb. You don't need much lubricant, a very small amount will be enough to overcome the friction between the parts and the o-ring. While I apply the lubricant to the port o-ring I will be simultaneously feeling for any debris and well as visually inspecting to to make sure there's no hair or debris which will compromise the seal.

On the extension I will check the inside sealing surfaces as well as the sealing surfaces of the flat port, while making sure that the three thumbscrews are backed out and not protruding into the inside diameter of the extension or the port, and checking for anything that might compromise the seal. 

canon 100mm lens assembly for an ikelite underwater dlm/d housing

Note that if you're using the Canon R8, it is a full frame sensor so this is going to be a 100mm lens. But if you're using a crop sensor like the R100, the R10 or the R7, you have a multiplication factor of 1.6, so this lens is actually going to be 160mm. That's going to be excellent macro, but keep in mind that you'll have to have a very steady hand and you'll have to be patient with your subject.

Then simply press the two pieces together and then just tighten down the thumbscrews of the port. Finger tight is fine as the thumbscrews are not what's creating the seal here, the seal occurred when the two pieces went together, the thumbscrews just keep it retained.

We're going to confirm that the three thumbscrews are backed out from the inside diameter of the extension then we're going to the extension and attached flat port over our lens and apply the same pressure downwards until it clicks into place. Then tighten the three thumbscrews of the extension on to the housing.

It's as simple as that. Now you're ready to go shoot super macro with a DLM/D style housing! If you have any questions about this assembly process or any other - contact our team of professionals today.



John Brigham Ikelite Vice President

John Brigham is the Vice President & head of product development at Ikelite. He was born with a flair for design and an entrepreneurial spirit as son of Ikelite founder Ike Brigham. He worked his way up in the business and is a natural fit in the R&D side of things. John dives the equipment as much as possible to test product and put himself in the "fins" of the user. You may also find him on the other end of an email or phone call when you reach out for product advice and support. When he's not underwater he's flying drones, setting off rockets, training his German Shepherd "T2", and spending time with his family. 


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