Expedition | Wakatobi Resort Indonesia | March 2-16, 2020

Trip dates

March 2-16, 2020


    Wakatobi Dive Resort is known for their absolutely pristine reefs which are maintained through a deep respect for the underwater ecosystem and a commitment to responsible diving. That's why it's pretty much the perfect classroom for every type of photography, including wide angle, macro, over-unders, and fluorescence... just to name a few!

    Ikelite Photo School instructor Steve Miller will be on hand with personalized instruction before and after your dive, and in post processing. This is pretty much as good as it gets for divers and photographers!

    Have a family and/or non-diving companions? Wakatobi also offers spa services, nanny services, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and more!

    Reserve your spot

    Contact Steve today for more information... spots are limited!

    Trip includes

    • Daily boat dives and shore diving
    • Personal one-on-one photo advice
    • Gourmet meals and snacks

    Copyright Steve Miller



    Steve Miller ProfileAmbassador Steve Miller has been a passionate teacher of underwater photography since 1980. In addition to creating aspirational photos as an ambassador, he leads the Ikelite Photo School, conducts equipment testing, contributes content and photography, represents us at dive shows and events, provides one-on-one photo advice to customers, and participates in product research and development. Steve also works as a Guest Experience Manager for the Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia. In his "free" time he busies himself tweaking his very own Backyard Underwater Photo Studio which he's built for testing equipment and techniques. Read more...


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