Featured Customers | Romain Vidal Backpacking & Scuba Diving Around the World

Featured Customers | Romain Vidal Backpacking & Scuba Diving Around the World

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Romain Vidal is a French underwater photographer and scuba diver. He's been diving for over a decade but in 2019 added photography to his underwater arsenal. 

In March of 2024 Romain left his home terrain to travel the world with his girlfriend. They've been backpacking across the world and diving at all the most prestigious sites ever since.

Romain couldn't make this trek without his photography equipment. He thanks Ikelite's in-house technical guru Mike Rabideau for helping him choose the most efficient underwater configuration that strikes the right balance between weight and performance to make travel that much easier.

Romain's Gear:











Romain Vidal has been diving his home turf of the Mediterranean Sea since 2012. Seven years later he picked up underwater photography and now he's set out on an international backpacking trip in search of the world's best dive sites. Romain uses the Nikon Z6 inside his Ikelite housing with the Nikon Z 24-50mm lens and Nikon 60mm + FTZ Adapter with dual Ikelite DS51 Strobes. Follow Romain's travels on Instagram @pilouuh



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