Featured Customers | Peter Mangolds New Adventures Below the Surface

Featured Customers | Peter Mangolds New Adventures Below the Surface

I started my photographic journey back in 2016 when I first became a Park Ranger in Yellowstone with the National Park Service. I was surrounded by natural beauty and knew that if I were to tell stories about the things I saw I would need pictures as well to help paint the scene. I focused on wildlife and landscape photography in Yellowstone. It wasn’t until I became a wildlife photography guide based out of Jackson, Wyoming that I wanted to think outside the box and get into underwater photography. It’s an untouched facet of photography in a heavily photographed area that I knew would help make my photos stand out and bring me to new adventures. I have only been trying it for a little over a year in between work and life and will continue to practice for this upcoming winter where I will be basing myself in Indonesia.


Peter Mangolds Light Rays

Sunrise is always the best time of day to see the Tetons in their best color. To catch it you must get up early and be willing to brave the cold to catch the best show of the day. © 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Lily Landscape

Every year the water lilies bloom in grand Teton national park and are commonly overlooked. I spent a few hours over the course of a few days trying to get the right light to show them in all their glory as they bring color to a beautiful landscape. © 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Mountainscape Vertical

© 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Mountainscape with Grass

© 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Spring Flower Icy Lake

Spring time brings flowers in all shapes and sizes, wildlife love to snack on them and sometimes bring them into to the water while occasionally letting them go. I was able to catch this flower as it drifted by some dead leaves from the previous fall with the icy mountains in the background. © 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Split Green Water

© 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Elk

Each winter brings challenges to the wildlife in Wyoming and ice is no easy problem to overcome. This elk likely tried to cross the river without success and succumbed to the icy depths of the snake river. © 2022 Peter Mangolds


Peter Mangolds Lily Closeup

© 2022 Peter Mangolds



Peter Mangolds Profile Photo

Peter Mangolds is a park ranger and wildlife photographer based out of Wyoming. He uses the Canon R5 with the 15-35mm lens for his underwater images. Stay up to date with Peter's social media where you can find a stunning array of both his topside and underwater wildlife imagery: Instagram @grizzlymanchild and Facebook.




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