Featured Customers | Lior Berman Underwater in the Exumas

Featured Customers | Lior Berman Underwater in the Exumas

Lior Berman is a Costa Rican wildlife photographer, volunteer in conservation projects and has a background as a visual/industrial designer. Lior's passion for nature and wildlife goes back to his childhood, living in a rural area of Guanacaste surrounded by the ocean and dry forest. With about 3 years of experience, his trajectory as wildlife photographer exceeds expectations and demonstrates his hard work and fast learning skills.

Member and contributor in ExSitu Project, Lior participates in conservation projects through education using white background and in situ images of the wildlife present in different parts of Latin America. Combining his skills as a diver, he has been exploring and learning the art of underwater photography as one of the few nationals that practice this discipline setting a precedent as one of the few to produce high quality underwater wildlife images in his country.

We are pleased to share Lior's gallery of underwater images from our most recent dive trip through the Exumas, Bahamas on the All Star Liveaboard's Aqua Cat. Lior not only impressed the entire Ikelite team, but his image of a pair of Sharknose gobies (pictured above) won the Aqua Cat's top prize for that week's underwater photo contest. 


Lior berman stingray taken with ikelite housing

Southern stingray causes a sandstorm after searching for food. F 7.1, 1/160, ISO 320 © Lior Berman


lior berman cleaner shrimp taken with ikelite housing

A beautiful Spotted Cleaner Shrimp showing off its house, an anemone. F 18, 1/250, ISO 100 © Lior Berman


lior berman jellyfish taken with ikelite housing

A Moon Jellyfish swimming freely in the Bahamian waters © Lior Berman


lior berman swimming pigs taken with ikelite housing

Piggies enjoying the crystalline waters of Exumas Pig Beach. F9, 1/320, ISO 100 © Lior Berman


lior berman reef shark

Caribbean Reef Shark cruises between the fish school straight into the camera, F8, 1/200 ISO 320 © Lior Berman


lior berman shrimp taken with ikelite housing

A Banded Coral Shrimp coming out at night to catch its dinner, invertebrates that get a bit too close to those claws. © Lior Berman


lior berman jawfish taken with ikelite housing

Jawfish coming out of its den to feed, after patiently waiting for some minutes they get comfortable enough to watch their behavior from a closer distance. F10, 1/250 ISO 250 © Lior Berman


lior berman flamingo tongue

A couple of Flamingo Tongue mollusks hang out on a Fan Coral. F9, 1/250, ISO 250 © Lior Berman


lior berman nudibranch

Nudibranches are one of my favorite groups of marine wildlife, I was very happy to find this Sea Goddess hanging out on a rock. F 11, 1/250, ISO 100 © Lior Berman


lior berman lionfish taken with ikelite housing

Beautiful but devastating, Lionfish have become a plague on the Caribbean Sea where their presence has become a huge problem for the native wildlife and fragile ecosystem. F9, 1/40, ISO 320 © Lior Berman


lior berman pair of reef sharks taken with ikelite housing

A pair of young Caribbean Reef Sharks decide to get closer to the camera as they swim together. F8, 1/200 ISO 320 © Lior Berman


lior berman headshot

Lior Berman is a designer, wildlife and underwater photographer focused on conservation. He has made big waves in just three years of practicing his craft and continues to expand his skills in his home country of Costa Rica. For his underwater photos Lior uses the Sony a7R IV inside an Ikelite Underwater Housing with a Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens with the Ikelite 8inch Dome Port for wide-angle pictures and the Sony 90mm Macro lens with the Macro Port for close up and macro pictures. Follow Lior as he continues his photography journey on Instagram @photolior or on his website.


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