Featured Customers | Kevin Gacad Infinite Improvement

Featured Customers | Kevin Gacad Infinite Improvement

Kevin Gacad believes in two things when it comes to underwater photography: improvement never ends and the best camera is the one you are using. The camera Kevin is currently using: Sony RX 100 Mark VII, paired with a DS51 Strobe, wide angle lens, and macro wet lens


Kevin Gacad Mantis Shrimp

I enjoy photographing Peacock Mantis Shrimps, especially when they pose for the camera. Their eyes are captivating. Photographed in Malapascua Cebu Philippines. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Frogfish

Frogfishes are another favorite of mine to photograph. Masters of camouflage, they lurk on coral reefs but may also be found out in the open. This particular individual was spotted in Dauin, Negros, just next to a tube worm. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Turtle

Turtles are a lot of fun to photograph, especially when they are taking flight underwater. This photo was taken in the waters of Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Clownfish

This hauntingly beautiful picture of a clownfish on a bleached anemone. When the waters get too warm, corals will expel the algae living in their tissues causing the coral to completely turn white. Taken in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Cuttlefish

Probably my favorite marine critter, flamboyant cuttlefish are amazing to photograph due to their vibrate and vivid colors. Photographed in Malapascua Island, Cebu Philippines. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad

This was my first season with the sardine run in Moalboal, Cebu Philippines. I took this picture with my fellow divers while surrounded by millions of sardines. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad

Nudibranchs comes in different shapes and beautiful vivid color, hence making them a common and favorite subject for underwater photographers. This particular individual is a Nembrotha Chamberlini and was spotted in Puerto Galera, Philippines. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Diver

Taking photos of other divers is probably my specialty, and if I can, I like to put marine life in the same frame. On this occasion, with a skunk anemonefish. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Freediving

Freediving is emerging to be a very popular water sport, and without the cumbersome scuba gear, photos are more elegant and beautiful. I am new to the freediving photography world and it brings the challenge of taking a picture only on a single breath hold. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Whaleshark

After seeing many whale sharks in Moalboal, Cebu, I finally managed to capture this shot of an individual with the sardines as the backdrop. This photo was also named “Best in The Philippines” for the GARMIN & LAMAVE Photo Competition in 2021. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Shark

Getting up close and personal with thresher sharks at Monad Shoal is one of my favorites. Early morning wake-up calls are worth it when they come this close to the camera. The best part about diving with them in Malapascua Island, Cebu, is that they are there all year long. © 2022 Kevin Gacad

Kevin Gacad Diver with Gear

Safety stops are the best time to take portrait photos of divers, here is Claude with his Ikelite underwater setup. © 2022 Kevin Gacad


Kevin Gacad Profile Photo

Kevin Gacad is an underwater photographer and scuba instructor from the Philippines. He began diving in 2014 on Gili Island, Indonesia and has gone on to get his rescue and divemaster certifications. Follow Kevin's journey toward continued growth via his website, Instagram @kevingacad.photography, or Facebook.





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