Featured Customers | Julio Junquera Dream of the Whales [VIDEO]

Featured Customers | Julio Junquera Dream of the Whales [VIDEO]

Video by Julio Junquera

Julio is a sport diver and retired professional diver for the Navy. He is currently working on a documentary about cetaceans in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain. "It is a place where every year we can observe rorqual whales, killer whales, and pilot whales. It is a complicated passage for these mammals since it is a highway for large transport ships from all over the world and they can be injured by propellers and hit with ships."

Julio's current rig is a Panasonic GH5 with a 7-14mm lens


Making Of “ El sueño de las Ballenas “ from Cámaron Films on Vimeo.


Julio Junqera Bio

Julio Junquera is a from Cádiz, in the south of Spain. Julio studied documentary film directing in Seville and specializes in underwater imaging. He has been diving for more than 25 years in Spain, the Red Sea, and Indonesia. Check out more of his videos on Vimeo and follow along on his documentary journey via his Facebook





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