Featured Customer | Harrison Burton Expedition Nictau [VIDEO]

Featured Customer | Harrison Burton Expedition Nictau [VIDEO]

"Immerse yourself in a journey of underwater exploration as Underwater Cinematographer and Director, Harrison Burton, and his dive team embark on a 3-day dive expedition. Join the group as they explore and document the wonders of Nictau Lake, one of New Brunswick's freshwater crown jewels for the first time in history in this one of a kind documentary film. This stunning, largely unexplored lake sits at the base of Mount Sagamook, in Mount Carleton Provincial Park. What lies in the depths of one of New Brunswick's most remote lakes waiting to be discovered? What environmental issues will the dive team encounter? Watch for free today and find out, exclusively on Vimeo." - Expedition Nictau

Harrison Burton's recent pursuits in film focus around expeditions in freshwater ecosystems to shine a light on the challenge's these systems are facing. Since the release of his new documentary film, Expedition Nictau, he is pursuing funding to extend the series to continue to shine a light on freshwater ecosystems and the science that is required to save them from collapse.

Expedition Nictau by Harrison Burton

Expedition Nictau - Exploring New Brunswick's Herbicide Dilemma from Fresh Waters Entertainment on Vimeo.


Written, Directed, and Produced by Harrison Burton
Produced by Brad Leblanc
Cast: Harrison Burton, Nate Gaffney, Julien Bourque, Serge Cormier, David Ganong, Dr. Joshua Kurek
Gear: Sony a7S III inside an Ikelite 200DL Underwater Housing, Ikelite Trim Weight Rail Set

Behind the Scenes | Photo Gallery

nate gaffnet image of divers exiting the water with ikelite gearImage © Nate Gaffney

nate gaffnet image with diver and ikelite housingImage © Nate Gaffney 

ikelite housing on the beachImage © Nate Gaffney


harrison burton headshot

Harrison Burton is an underwater cinematographer, producer, director and aerial photographer with an endless drive to tell stories from the remote corners, depths and coastlines of the world.  Harrison has spent a decade working in film and video. He has built multiple media companies and in recent years developed an international award winning video production house for a local marketing agency in New Brunswick. He is a certified advanced diver, ice diver, dry suit diver, dive expedition leader, a certified RED Cinema camera operator and an advanced drone pilot. His passion for conservation and the natural world drives him to push into the unknown each and every day. His video work for the Nature Conservancy of Canada  has allowed him to have an impact driven career. He has and continues to produce content for a wide variety of clients around the globe with a special focus in conservation. Learn more about Harrison's film Expedition Nicatu or explore his Fine Art Gallery.


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