Featured Customers | Tristine Davis Underwater Boudoir Part II

Featured Customers | Tristine Davis Underwater Boudoir Part II

Through the course of my career as a professional photographer, I've spent years traveling the world teaching underwater photography, hosting retreats and sharing my love of all things aquatic. I started my professional career in 2004 on land then in 2014 I jumped into my underwater journey, and I feel they unite to render mesmerizing images!

My overwhelming passion for the underwater world is seamlessly combined with my eye for all forms of beauty to shoot stunning photos, whether it be above or below the surface. I have strived to become a master of boudoir and incorporate this talent into my underwater work, perfectly capturing the flowing female form to truly showcase the beauty and elegance lying therein. My heart and soul are truly expressed through the lens of my camera. 

Get the gear: Tristine uses the Canon 5D Mark III inside an Ikelite Underwater Housing with dual DS51 Strobes.


tristine davis silhouette model underwater taken with ikelite housing and strobes

Playing with some silhouettes and fabric combination. © Tristine Davis


tristine davis underwater model with fern and backlight taken using ikelite underwater housing and strobes

We used some palm fronds to cover the body and used the pool light for a golden glow. © Tristine Davis


mermaid and manatee image by tristine davis taken with ikelite underwater housing and strobes

I was photographing this beautiful mermaid when a manatee swam by, it was amazing. Shot in Blue Spring, Florida. © Tristine Davis


maternity underwater photo by tristine davis taken with ikelite underwater housing and strobes

Beautiful maternity session with a red dress with lots of fun layers, makes me think of an octopus. © Tristine Davis


boudoir underwater by tristine davis taken with ikelite underwater housing and strobes

As a boudoir photographer as well as an underwater photographer, I love to incorporate the both to create sexy images. © Tristine Davis


tristine davis ikelite featured customer headshot

Tristine Davis grew up in South Florida and is a certified SCUBA diver, certified freediver and award winning published underwater Professional Photographer. Tristine began as a topside photographer in 2004 and then took her skills underwater where she has become a professional underwater portrait photographer highlighting the female form and her love and enthusiasm for all things aquatic. You can learn more about Tristine on her website or follow her on Instagram @tristinedavisphotography.


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