Customer Photos | George Catanese Mighty Macro

Customer Photos | George Catanese Mighty Macro

My name is George Catanese. I am a 62-year-old executive officer for a Fortune 500 company that began diving with my wife Jeanie about seven years ago. During that period, we have been fortunate to find some time to vacation on the islands of Belize, Bonaire, St. Kitts, Virgin Gorda, Kauai, and Islamorada. I began taking pictures with my Panasonic ZS-10 and underwater housing on just my second dive, then upgraded to an Ikelite housing, dome, and Vega light shortly thereafter. I decided to try macro with TG-5, Ikelite housing, and DS51 a few years ago. Although I am very much an amateur, I thought I would send these to inspire anyone that is thinking about shooting underwater. Both kits were amazingly easy to use and the macro/microscope settings on the TG-5 are incredible.


George Catanese Frogfish

This frogfish was telling me not to get too close, I think! Or maybe just a bit tired? Jeanie and I have been fortunate to see several of these during our years diving Bonaire together. But this is the only one we’ve seen “yawning.” © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp

This Pederson’s cleaner shrimp is from our trip to St. Kitts. This little guy was out a bit from the coral and on the bottom - and he (or she?) is also telling me to get lost I think! But very photogenic while in the act. This was one of my first experiences with the TG-5’s macro capabilities. I couldn’t believe how focused and vibrant the photo was when I downloaded it. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Fireworm

I assume not to touch the bearded fireworm as implied by its name. Not going to find out the hard way that’s for sure! © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Caribbean Lobster

This Caribbean lobster looks alien in this photo. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Squat Shrimp

Squat shrimp. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Pier

The gratuitous underwater pier picture. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Turtle

This green turtle was munching on the bottom near the pier in Bonaire. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Filefish

Always like to have my subject making eye contact during the photo and this filefish is no exception! They’re hard to find in their camo outfit and incredibly tiny. Patience (and a lot of shots) helped to get this one. And stopping down the exposure control as well. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Arrow Crab

I think this arrow crab is making eye contact! © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Flounder

Flounders are amazingly cool to look at. © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Puffer

This little puffer looked like he needed some rest. He certainly wasn't bothered by me! © 2021 George Catanese


George Catanese Peppermint Shrimp

Peppermint shrimp. © 2021 George Catanese



George Catanese

Although George Catanese calls himself an amateur, we're definitely impressed by his skills!  George and his wife Jeanie have spent the better part of a decade diving.  In that time they've made some pretty special friends who they would like to shout out. To their friends at Conch Republic in Tavernier and in Bonaire, Vincent and Caroline at Coral Paradise and the entire crew at Dive Friends - George and Jeanie hope to see you soon!





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