Customer Photos | Elliot Omiya Since I was a Keiki

Customer Photos | Elliot Omiya Since I was a Keiki

I have been diving in Hawaii since I was a keiki (Hawaiian for child). Although I have dived many parts of the world, Hawaii is still my favorite place to dive. We are blessed with year-round diving in (somewhat!) warm water and great visibility.

I am a life-long Ikelite shooter, starting with reloading disposable cameras with slide film and graduating through a series of Olympus and Canon digital setups. Since the release of the Canon Rebel SL1 and its housing, we have been shooting this setup exclusively with a DS160 Strobe and 18-55mm lens. We optimize for simple and small, this allows us to use it from really shallow snorkeling to recreational dive limits. 


Elliot Omiya Bullethead Parrotfish

Bullethead Parrotfish © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Bicolor Anthias

Bicolor Anthias © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Peppered Moray

Peppered Moray © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Blue Trevally

Blue Trevally © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Yellow Tang

Juvenile Yellow Tang © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Triggerfish

Wedgetail Triggerfish © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Fivestripe Wrasse

Fivestripe Wrasse © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Turtle and School

Green Sea Turtle with Yellowfin Goatfish © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot Omiya Squirrelfish
Bluestripe Squirrelfish © 2021 Elliot Omiya


Elliot OmiyaElliot Omiya and his wife split their time between Hawaii and the mainland, but dive the islands exclusively. As self-described "no website" people, Elliot and his wife would rather print photos to hang on their walls. While you might not be able to follow Elliot's journey on instagram, you can definitely catch him in Hawaii living simply and enjoying all the islands have to offer!




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