Ikelite DS232 Strobe Features // The ULTIMATE Strobe with Video Light All-In-One [VIDEO]

Ikelite DS232 Strobe Features // The ULTIMATE Strobe with Video Light All-In-One [VIDEO]

If you're looking for a streamlined and extremely powerful lighting solution for underwater stills AND video, the DS232 is the right tool for the job. The DS232 combines industry-leading innovation, experience, and world class support in a professional-grade and travel friendly package.

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There’s only one strobe in the world that combines a high power flash, bright video light, and legendary reliability. The DS232 Strobe is the ultimate all-around strobe for the traveling photographer.

Here at Ikelite we’ve been making professional quality underwater strobes for over 45 years. We invented hybrid strobes with built-in video lights, recycle times fast enough for burst shooting underwater, TTL for digital cameras, interchangeable sync cords, and a whole host of other features that an underwater photographer can’t live without. Only Ikelite strobes are made in the USA and backed by a team of experts to support your needs.

Quality of Light

The DS232 features a 5000K natural white color temperature which is essential to capturing true colors in your subjects. This color temperature is optimized to enhance reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows in colorful subjects and deepens blue backgrounds in wide angle photography.

“Light” is in our name and we prioritize quality of light in our designs.

Flash Tube

Our custom round flash-tube is significantly warmer than the straight flash tubes found in most strobes, making it better for shooting models, tropical fish, and soft corals. A circular flash tube is also critical for the smoothest, most even coverage possible, either with - or without - an optional dome diffuser.

If you’re looking for excellent color depth with minimal processing, the DS232 is perfect for you.

Video Light 

In addition to its incredibly powerful ring flash, the DS232 incorporates a super-bright built-in video light. The light automatically turns off and back on when you take a photo to avoid hotspots. The DS232 with built-in video light produces a streamlined shooting experience designed to make the most of the most advanced camera systems on the market.

ICS-5 Bulkhead

The DS232’s power is extended through the unique ICS-5 electrical bulkhead. Only Ikelite DS strobes are capable of powering external accessories through the bulkhead. This opens up a whole world of creative potential and ensures that this strobe can adapt as your photography evolves through different styles and different camera systems.

The DS232 is an investment that will continue to grow throughout your underwater photography career.

Triggering Options 

Thanks to the ICS-5 bulkhead, the DS232 is compatible with a wide variety of triggering options including TTL converters for every major camera system, extension cords for unique strobe positioning, high sensitivity remote triggers, and a full range of fiber optic options.


Ikelite pioneered fast recycle times and our strobes consistently perform best-in-class for high speed shooting. That’s because we’ve engineered a battery pack specifically for the high intensity strobe discharge. Professionals have come to rely on our rechargeable battery pack because it provides consistently fast performance shot after shot and year after year.
The DS232 is capable of delivering over a thousand flashes per charge depending on power setting, and the average shooter rarely needs to change batteries during a day of diving. When it’s time to recharge, our unique toggle lock mechanism is the fastest and most confident way to install a strobe battery. That means more time shooting and less time managing gear in between dives.

Mode and Power Knobs

Mode and power knobs are conveniently located on the side of the strobe. Hard click detents let you feel when you switch between power settings and the knob’s unique shape lets you know where it’s pointed without looking. The large knobs are easy to grip with a glove and feature a sliding lock to prevent the strobe from accidentally turning on when not in use.

The DS232 is the only strobe that combines industry-leading innovation, experience, and world class support in a professional-grade and travel friendly package.

Included Accessories 

Ikelite products are made in the USA by a team of divers and photographers. Our strobes are depth rated to 300 feet, and warrantied for 2 years. The DS232 ships with a universal one-inch ball mount attachment smart charger, and protective battery cover. This strobe does not require a diffuser to achieve wide, smooth coverage. An optional dome diffuser is available for purchase separately.  

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Jean Rydberg IkeliteJean Rydberg is the President & CEO of Ikelite. She has lived her whole life in landlocked Indianapolis, Indiana, but is no stranger to the water as a daughter of Ikelite’s founder Ike Brigham. She has traveled around the world shooting and testing gear and enjoys new challenges in both photography and diving. Jean loves to learn about the creative ways photographers achieve their visions. More than anything she wants to show aspiring underwater photographers that excellence is attainable with any system. When she's not working she's spending time with her husband and two daughters.

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