Steven Kovacs

Steven Kovacs

Steven Kovacs was born in Canada and has had a fascination for the underwater world from a very young age. He started diving in the cold, rich waters surrounding Vancouver Island in 1999, and bought his first camera and Ikelite housing in 2001. A couple of years later he moved to Florida to pursue his passion in a more tropical setting. From there he quickly developed a passion for macro photography, with a special emphasis on underwater behaviors. 

He has placed in numerous international awards and has been widely published in numerous books and magazines. His work has also been displayed in numerous institutions, including the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington and Venice National History Museum to name just a couple.

Recently he has become an avid enthusiast of blackwater photography which entails drifting near the surface at night in very deep water to photograph rarely seen pelagic and deep water species that migrate to the surface under the cover of darkness.

His current arsenal consists of both a Nikon D500 and D7000 camera in Ikelite housings with dual Ikelite DS160 strobes.

Blackwater Photo by Steven Kovacs Ikelite Ambassador


Awards + Achievements 

Octopus with Eggs by Steven Kovacs Ikelite Ambassador

Fish eating Shrimp by Steven Kovacs Ikelite Ambassador

  Mouth Brooding Jawfish by Steven Kovacs Ikelite Ambassador


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Facebook @kovacsphotography

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