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SKU: 9295.02

Update Kit Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Sale price$ 2.00

Nylon washers to adjust 4 control lengths for use of the newer Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera in the existing housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark III cameras, product # 6871.03 or 6871.04. Provides adjustment to the following controls: Main dial, Rear dial, Mode dial, Video/still switch.

For Product # 6871.03

The 5D Mark IV camera will provide automatic TTL exposure when used with this housing and compatible Ikelite DS strobes.

For Product # 6871.04

Severe over-exposure will occur when using the 5D Mark IV camera with this housing in TTL mode. Any strobe model used in manual power settings will operate normally.

Click here for more information on TTL compatibility...


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